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Cyber Law Mapping Project

Current Mappings

Project Description

The Australian Cyber Law Map aims to create an online map of Australian laws that affect cyber security and cyber resilience. Different areas of law (e.g. telecommunications, directors' duties) are organised into separate topics. Within each topic, the Map provides commentary and links to the relevant legal frameworks, regulations and policies, and materials relating to industry practices.

Contributions to the Map are made by invited academics and experts working in the field of cyber law and cyber security.

Project Background

There is ample law that governs cyber in Australia, but much of it is unknown. An example of this ignorance is the map created by Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) and Deloitte showing that Australia has "no dedicated cyber security law". The misunderstanding arises because, while Australia has no piece of legislation dedicated solely to cyber security, it has a range of laws with similar effect that operate in areas such as critical infrastructure protection, criminal law, telecommunications regulation, privacy and consumer law.

The first phase of this project will create a map of Australian laws that impact on cyber security and cyber resilience, to be hosted as a wiki by AustLII Communities, in order to both (a) enhance national and international understanding of Australian law in this area, and (b) to build a community of experts and practitioners in this area appraised of developments in adjacent cyber law.

Later phases of this project will identify gaps in the existing law that require rectification or further regulation, and develop a matrix for other countries to similarly map their legal capabilities.

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Project Partners

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII); University of Melbourne, Centre for AI and Digital Ethics; UNSW Sydney

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