The EDO ACT wishes to express its thanks and gratitude for the valuable work and contribution of the many volunteers who assisted in the making of this Handbook, including:

Elsa Merrick, Isabelle Purdy, Gabrielle Ho, Clare Kim, Tiffany Chung, Lauren Evans, Karl Goiser, Maclaren Wall, Max Butler, Emma Svelha, Isabella Comfort, Bronwyn Wrigley, Katherine Duffy, Quintin Gravatt and Rod Griffiths, Aaron Broekhuyse for his contribution to Chapter 7 and Dr James Prest for updating his original Chapter 11.

Also to the previous contributors to this Handbook who provided the valuable groundwork from which this edition grew: Kirsten Miller, Susie Brown, Christal George, Rod Griffiths, Hanna Jaireth, Amy Land, Julia Pitts, Dianne Plant, Dr James Prest, Anne Rawson, Geoff Robertson and Rebecca Smith.

EDO would also like to acknowledge the generous assistance provided by the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS) in updating the description of the applicable ACT and Commonwealth legislative and regulatory arrangements in Chapters 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10. AGS has not contributed to (and does not endorse) any editorial commentary on current (or past) government policy.

A very special thanks must go to artist John Pratt for his wonderful artwork. The graphics on the following pages were designed by John especially for this Handbook and the EDO ACT is very grateful to John who did not hesitate to support us when asked. We are sure the reader will agree John’s artworks are very welcome additions to this body of work.

Thank you also to Peter Sutherland from SoftLaw Community Projects who generously supported this Handbook from the outset and kindly assisted in sourcing other funding.

EDO ACT also gratefully acknowledges the ACT Government’s Justice and Community Safety Directorate for its help in funding this publication, and the Environment Planning and Development Directorate which supported the writing of the Handbook.

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