Employment Records

Based on the contribution of Craig Dowling and Neill Campbell for The Law Handbook 2016, published by Fitzroy Legal Service, originally amended by ClareMcKenzie for the NT Law Handbook, as amended by Bradley Allen Love Lawyers, Canberra, by Gabrielle Sullivan, May Oboodi and Robert Allen and current to March 2018.

Under the Fair Work Act and Fair Work Regulations 2009 (see part 3-6 of the regulations) an employer must give the employee a payslip (electronic or hardcopy) showing:
  • the employer's name and ABN number;
  • the employee's name;
  • the period to which the pay slip relates;
  • the date of payment;
  • the gross and net amount of payment;
  • any amount paid to the employee that is a bonus, loading, allowance, penalty rate, incentive-based payment or other separately identifiable entitlement;
  • any amount deducted from the gross amount and the name of the fund or account that the deduction is paid into;
  • ordinary hourly rate , the number of hours worked at that rate and the amount of payment made at that rate (if paid an hourly rate);
  • an annual rate of pay (if paid at an annual rate of pay); and
  • superannuation contributions and fund.
An employer is required to keep a record in respect of each employee about:
  • basic employment details such as the name of the employer and the employee and the nature of their employment (e.g. part-time, full-time, permanent, temporary or Casual);
  • pay;
  • overtime hours;
  • overtime hours;
  • averaging arrangements;
  • leave entitlements;
  • superannuation contributions;
  • termination of employment (where applicable); and
  • individual flexibility arrangements and guarantees of annual earnings.
A copy of the record must be given to the employee to whom the record applies, on request.

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