Elder Abuse can be prevented by:
  • seeking legal advice from qualified lawyers when doing Enduring Powers of Attorney (who can assist people to appoint trustworthy and honest Attorneys and include safeguards in the document);
  • doing a Will (earlier rather than later) so that there can be no question of influence.
  • seeking independent legal advice when giving loans / gifts or entering into family care arrangements and document the arrangements
  • seeking independent legal advice when signing significant documents- (i.e. property Transfers);
  • having regular engagement with friends, family and neighbours;
  • staying socially connected and active in community groups; and
  • finding an advocate.
You ca find an advocate by going to any of the following people, organisation or service:
  • an Attorney
  • ATACAS (ACT Disability, Aged, and Carer Advocacy Service)
  • Centrelink financial services
  • ACT Office for Women / Women’s Legal Centre / Canberra Community Law
  • Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
  • ACT Human Rights Commission
  • Abuse Prevention Referral Line (APRIL)
  • Legal Aid
  • Police

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