Legal Aid funding and FOI

Contributed by Daniel Morrison and current to 15 March 2018

Can I get advice about an FOI request?

Legal Aid ACT will give free information and duty advice regarding freedom of information (FOI) requests. Initial information and advice will be given via the Legal Aid ACT Helpline. If necessary, a free half hour in-person or telephone appointment may be booked in particularly complex matters, where telephone advice is inappropriate or where the client is particularly vulnerable. These appointments are strictly one-off and are not means tested.

For information or advice, or to book an appointment with a solicitor, please call the Legal Aid Helpline on 1300 654 314.

Legal Aid ACT will not provide a grant of legal assistance solely for an FOI request. In other words, Legal Aid will not be able to assist you on an ongoing basis with your FOI request. Ongoing assistance will only be provided if the FOI request is made to progress another, related, legal issue for which a grant of aid has been approved.

Members of the public can seek access to documents held by Legal Aid ACT, or to change the personal information that we hold, by making a request under the Freedom of Information Act ACT.

Legal Aid ACT will make your files available to you to inspect on an informal request, or under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. If you want access to your file or copies of documents you can go to the Civic office in person with your personal identification, or you can write to Legal Aid ACT with your request.

You will not be able to access information which is considered exempt under the FOI Act.

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