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Contributed by Anahita Surya and current to March 2022

General Information

Your neighbour is not allowed to park on your driveway or property. They may be trespassing if they continue to park on your property.

Resolving the issue in a friendly manner is best for all parties involved. If you need mediation support, contact the ACT Conflict Resolution Service on 02 6162 4050 for confidential and affordable assistance. If unsuccessful, you can seek a trespass order from the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT). Refer to the section on trespass for more on how to seek an order.

Parking on your nature strip, or in a no stopping/parking zone (e.g. just outside your driveway) is illegal. You can report illegal parking through the Access Canberra website.

Parking and unit title

Most owners corporations have rules about parking. Some common parking disputes include:
  • Someone parking in your allocated parking spot;
  • Someone parking for too long in the visitors parking;
  • Someone parking on common unit title property.
You can make a complaint to the owners corporation and ask for a rule infringement notice if your neighbour’s parking is against the owners corporation rules. Alternatively, you can apply to ACAT. Refer to the Unit Title Property (Strata) and Neighbourhood Disputes for more information on unit title dispute resolution.

To talk to someone about your dispute, contact the Legal Aid ACT Helpline (9am to 4pm on weekdays) on 1300 654 314.

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