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Contributed by Peter Christensen and Tenancy Advice Service (a division of Legal Aid ACT) and current to March 2020.

The Tenancy Advice Service (A Division of Legal Aid ACT) has a number of resources available on its website.

Standard Lease Agreement

Factsheets and Template Letters

The Renting Book

  • The ACT Government’s Renting Book is a comprehensive guide to renting in the ACT and a mandatory resource to be provided by landlords to all tenants. However, users should note the Renting Book currently reflects the law as it stood in November 2020 and therefore does not contain information regarding the reforms to co-tenancy and occupancy agreement laws introduced on 3 March 2021.

Condition Report

  • Condition Report - condition reports are used as evidence in bond disputes. This condition report can be used in a tenancy or occupancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Residential Tenancies Act 1997

The Residential Tenancies Act sets out the laws governing residential tenancies in the Australian Capital Territory. The Act defines key terms, establishes all rights and obligations for tenants and lessors, and provides the remedial powers available to the courts and ACAT.

Canberra Community Law

Canberra Community Law provides legal advice and assistance in relation to public and community housing tenants or occupants.


Onelink provides information about and connection to crisis accommodation and other support services for people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Supportive Tenancy Service

Supportive Tenancy Service provides outreach support to people in housing stress, or who may be at risk of homelessness, regardless of the reason for their circumstances.

Care and Financial Counselling Service

Care and Financial Counselling Service provides financial counselling support which may be of assistance to individuals who are struggling to pay rent or utilities

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