Visitors to New Zealand

Contributed by Morgan Speight and current to 1 March 2017

If you are injured when you are visiting New Zealand ACC may be able to help pay for your treatment and the costs of rehabilitating you if you are:
  • Injured in an accident; or
  • Injured whilst receiving medical treatment; or
  • Physically or sexually abused whilst in New Zealand, and have mental effects from that abuse.
If you are injured in New Zealand there are a few things that you should know:
  • Because ACC pays for treatments and rehabilitation costs, you cannot sue anyone for damages arising out of your personal injury.
  • ACC is not a replacement for travel insurance and it doesn't cover:
    • Any illness that you get whilst visiting New Zealand,
    • Any disrupted travel plans,
    • Emergency travel to get you back home.

You won't be covered if you are injured:
  • Whilst getting onto, off, or whilst on board the aircraft or boat that you travelled to New Zealand on; or
  • if you are injured whilst getting onto, off, or whilst on board a vehicle that takes you 300 nautical miles from New Zealand.
If an injury is fatal, ACC may be able to pay a grant to help cover the costs of the funeral.

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