For guidance on citation of decisions from England and Wales, see rule 8.4.

Official reports

The official reports for England and Wales are called the Law Reports. The main series in the Law Reports are listed below with the relevant abbreviation and time period.
Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Cases    
LR A & E Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Cases 1865–1875
Appeal Cases    
LR HL English and Irish Appeal Cases and Peerage Claims, House of Lords 1866–1875
LR S & D Scotch and Divorce Appeal Cases, House of Lords 1888–1875
LR PC Privy Council Appeals 1865–1875
App Cas Appeal Cases 1875–1890
AC Appeal Cases 1891–
LR Eq Equity Cases 1865–1875
LR Ch App Chancery Appeal Cases 1865–1875
Ch D Chancery Division 1875–1890
Ch Chancery Division 1891–
Common Pleas    
LR CP Common Pleas 1865–1875
CPD Common Pleas Division 1875–1880
Crown Cases Reserved    
LR CCR Crown Cases Reserved 1865–1875
LR Ex Exchequer 1865–1874
Ex D Exchequer Division 1875–1880
Fam Family Division 1972–
Probate and Divorce    
LR P & D Probate and Divorce 1865–1875
PD Probate Division 1875–1890
P Probate Division 1891–1971
Queens's and King's Bench    
LR QB Queen's Bench 1865–1875
QBD Queen's Bench 1875–1890
QB Queen's Bench 1891–1900
KB King's Bench 1901–1952
QB Queen's Bench 1952–
Neutral citations

The following list indicates when the various neutral citations were officially adopted.

Note that some earlier decisions have been given what look like neutral citations by the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII). These are not official and should not be used.

Supreme Court (UKSC)

House of Lords (UKHL)

Privy Council (UKPC)

Court of Appeal (Civil) (EWCA Civ)

Court of Appeal (Criminal) (EWCA Crim)

High Court (Administrative Court) (EWHC)*

High Court (Admiralty Division) (EWHC)*

High Court (Chancery Division) (EWHC)*

Oct ober 2009

Jan uary 2001

Jan uary 2001

Jan uary 2001

Jan uary 2001

Jan uary 2001

Jan uary 2002

Jan uary 2002

High Court (Commercial Court) (EWHC)*

High Court (Family Division) (EWHC)*

High Court (Mercantile Court) (EWHC)*

High Court (Patents Court) (EWHC)*

High Court (Queen's Bench Division) (EWHC)*

High Court (Technology and Construction Court) (EWHC)*

Family Court (EWFC)

Court of Protection (EWCOP)

January 2002

January 2002

January 2002

January 2002

January 2002

January 2002

April 2014

April 2014

* The divisions and specialist courts of the High Court all have the court identifier “EWHC”. They are distinguished by indicating the division or specialist court after the judgment number in round brackets.
Eg Thomson v Berkhamsted Collegiate School [2009] EWHC 2374 (QB).

The following identifiers are used.

Administrative Court

Family Division

Admiralty Division

Patents Court

Chancery Division

Queen’s Bench Division

Commercial Court

Technology and Construction Court

Mercantile Court










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