Collaboration Tips

A short list of hints and recommendations that are considered basic knowledge when starting to edit existing topics.

  • If a discussion is going on:
    • separate each follow-up with a blank line
    • add your WikiName and the date at the end. Example:
      -- Main.WikiGuest - 16 Jul 2024
    • OR, by all means, insert your comment where it seems to fit best:
      • you may want to insert it with a bullet and/or set it in italics so it's clear (always sign and date)
    • if you'd like to use an initial, use a link with label. Example:
      -- [[Main.WikiGuest][ZXQ]] - 16 Jul 2024

  • A good format for a new topic is "dissertation followed by discussion":
    • start with a brief, factual introduction, followed by double horizontal rules
    • let the discussion begin

  • When a discussion dies down and the page becomes static, if you're clear on your course, feel free to refactor mercilessly:
    • fearlessly edit down to capture the key points
    • reduce the noise without losing the facts or the flavor
    • if you merge or delete comments, group credit Contributors: at the end of the page
    • This is how Wiki content matures and grows in value over time.

  • For external site links, you can type URLs directly into the text - http://etcete.ra/... - it'll be clear to anyone where they're headed on click.

  • Foswiki is intended for world-wide use, and an internationally understood date format like 01 Sep 2024 or 2024-09-01 is preferred. It's clearer than the xx/xx/xx format, where a date like 9/1/01 can mean either Jan or Sep, depending on the local conventions of the readers. For months, use the first three letters: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr,...

  • Check the source when you want to find out how something is formatted: click [View wiki text] on the toolbar.
  • To see earlier versions, click either on [History] (to see all previous versions of a topic) or click on the revision number you would like to see; the formatted revision version will be shown.
  • To see the source of a previous revision, click [More topic actions], then at View previous topic revision, enter the revision number, mark the in raw text format checkbox and click [View]. A bit of HTML experience can't hurt, but you'll soon see with TML how far that is from necessary.

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