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The documentation of NatSkin is crap. I'm lost!

If you need help, there are a couple of options:

In any case, helping out improving documentation, fixing bugs, helping others with the same problems is very welcome.

Why does NatSkin require on so many extra plugins?

The primary goal is to achieve the best user experience possible and this by using as few extra plugins as possible. All of the plugins that NatSkin depends on have been added for a specific purpose.

  1. CopyContrib: improve copy-topic feature, such as copy only the attachments, comments, or form data
  2. AutoTemplatePlugin: provide NatSkin specific view templates for some of the tools in System web; these are used to implement an improved usability without having to touch the default implementation
  3. BreadCrumbsPlugin: an improved way to render the breadcrumbs navigation
  4. DBCachePlugin: improved search performance; implements TopicTitles feature
  5. FilterPlugin: filter content as well as format lists in a flexible way
  6. FlexWebListPlugin: more flexible way to render the list of installed webs
  7. ImagePlugin: server-side image thumbnailing
  8. MimeIconPlugin: icon set for all kind of file types used in attachment lists
  9. NatSkinPlugin: suplemental plugin, i.e. implements the theme-engine to manage css and templates
  10. RenderPlugin: render Foswiki templates using ajax
  11. TopicInteractionPlugin: improved attachment handling including batch uploading of images
  12. WebLinkPlugin: implements a way to link to a web as well as render its preference settings

A lot of these plugins once have been an integral part of the NatSkinPlugin and then been externalized into plugins of their own for the greater benefit.

Why are there so many template files?

NatSkin does not build upon the standard templates of Foswiki as they differ substantially. NatSkin templates are created to provide an independent base for further template modifications.

NatSkin templates offer much more flexibility than the standard templates. While the theming engine controls the css files being loaded, it also maintains the SKIN path to allow themes and their variations to override the standard markup.

NatSkin's templates also integrate well into AngularPlugin where pages are loaded asynchronously and patched into an existing skeleton while navigating across topics and webs.

Yes. Use the {NatSkin}{DetectExternalLinks} configuration setting.

Does NatSkin support QuietSave?

This feature confuses more than provide any added value and has thus been removed from the edit page to simplify the interface.

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