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Name First Foswiki Version Comment
Foswiki::Func 1.1.5 Main API.
Foswiki::Attrs 1.1.5 Parameter passing for custom macros
Foswiki::Request 1.1.5 URL parameters
Foswiki::Sandbox 1.1.5 Calls to external commands; untainting
Foswiki::Meta 1.1.5 Metadata for webs or topics. ALERT! This class may be changed after refactorings of the Foswiki internals, so please try to use Foswiki::Func instead if possible. Incompatible changes will only be made during a major release.
Foswiki::AccessControlException 1.1.5 Exception used raise an access control violation.
Foswiki::OopsException 1.1.5 Exception used to raise a request to output a preformatted page.
Foswiki::Iterator 1.1.5  
Foswiki::AggregateIterator 2.0  
Foswiki::LineIterator 2.0  
Foswiki::ListIterator 2.0  
Foswiki::Plugins 1.1.5 Just to access $SESSION and $VERSION
Foswiki::Time 1.1.5 Time handling functions.
Foswiki::Validation 2.0 The key validation methods here are useful to plugins

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