User management using data stored in topics

The User Mapping Manager interface provides services for mapping between a 'user identity' as used when talking to an external authentication provider, an internal canonical user ID, and the displayed name used to identify the user in topics. This is the default TopicUserMapping in which user information is stored in topics - one per user, and then any mapping needed is done using the WikiUsers topic in the Main.

It includes the topics that are used when registering and managing users and groups via Foswiki:

If you are developing a non-topic based User mapper, you might like to consider removeing or replacing the files installed by this Contrib.

Adding and deleting users

Users are added using the default registration process in Foswiki. To delete a user (admins only),

  1. Edit the .htpasswd file to delete their entry (see configure for the location
  2. Remove their topic files: data/Main/FredQuimby.txt and data/Main/FredQuimby.txt,v
  3. Remove the FredQuimby line from the WikiUsers topic
  4. Remove user from all groups and from all the ALLOWWEB/ALLOWTOPIC... declarations, if any.
    ALERT! Note: Otherwise this will leave a security hole, as the first person to re-register with this name will be granted the permissions of the previous user.


The TopicUserMappingContrib specific settings have not yet been moved out of the standard Foswiki.spec. This will be done in a future release.

Installation Instructions

It's a part of the default distribution of the Foswiki Core.

Contrib Info

Contrib Author(s): Copyright (C) 2007-2018 Sven Dowideit, and Project Contributors.
Change History:  
4.58 (25 Feb 2018) Released with Foswiki 2.1.6
Foswikitask:Item14629: Certain topics can be overridden without permission.
Foswikitask:Item14639: Operational topics in Main, Sandbox webs should be protected from editing non-admins.
Foswikitask:Item14622: UserRegistration validate.js is not compatible with CaptchaPlugin.
4.57 (08 Dec 2017) Release with Foswiki 2.1.5
Foswikitask:Item14415: TopicUserMapping places non-ASCII users in wrong position in WikiUsers Topic.
Foswikitask:Item14460: Login/Logon actions should create session when guest sessions are disabled.
4.56 (23 Jan 2017) Release with Foswiki-2.1.3
Foswikitask:Item13883: Clarify documention on removing a user, create new RemoveUser tool topic.
4.55 (26 Nov 2016) Release with foswiki-2.1.3-Beta1
Foswikitask:Item13936: Add alternate from= email sender address for registration messages.
4.54 (8 Apr 2016) Release with Foswiki 2.1.1
Foswikitask:Item975: Allow bulk registration to work when Apache login is enabled.
Foswikitask:Item13883: Improve bulk registration documentation.
Foswikitask:Item13996: Bulk registration should process Add to groups data.
Foswikitask:Item14005: Pass template topic parameter to templates.
4.53 (3 Feb 2016) Release with Foswiki 2.1.0,
Foswikitask:Item13854: Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW="*" on critical system topics
Foswikitask:Item13864: Restructure UserRegistration topics for easier customization, use newer Foswiki features.
Foswikitask:Item13880: Fix rendering in HEAD zone
Foswikitask:Item13924: Missing SET in restructured registration topics.
4.52 (8 Sep 2015) Released with Foswiki 2.0.2.
Foswikitask:Item13600: Set correct parent for WikiUsers topic.
4.51 (14 Jun 2015) Released with Foswiki 2.0
Foswikitask:Item13423: Perl 5.22 deprecations.
Foswikitask:Item13323: Use /usr/bin/perl in scripts
Foswikitask:Item13294: Improvements in translation strings
Foswikitask:Item12162: Disable password reset if email disabled
Foswikitask:Item13287: Improvements in regular expressions
Foswikitask:Item2257: Improve performance of BulkResetPassword
Note: This version is Not compatible with Foswiki 1.1.x
4.50 (18 Dec 2014) Foswikitask:Item13060: Add toggle-all action to the BulkResetPassword page
Foswikitask:Item13106: removed blockquote where possible
Foswikitask:Item13027: Most try..catch clauses were catching Error::Simple, which is effective only for catching Foswiki-specific exceptions
Foswikitask:Item12952: remove non-existent Config.spec
Foswikitask:Item11737: Change hardcoded Main to %USERSWEB% Replace System with %SYSTEMWEB%
Foswikitask:Item11705: Multiple fixes to BulkRegistration
Foswikitask:Item12823: add auto-generated header to various plugins sending email
Foswikitask:Item12207: Add function to remove users, generally for SPAM cleanup
4.3.7 (31 Jan 2013) Foswikitask:Item12329: Document core change: Code that deletes stale registrations needs it's own expiration timer.
4.3.6 (28 Nov 2012) Foswikitask:Item11281: Don't filter user names beginning with "Web" from BulkResetPassword
Foswikitask:Item11923: Better logging of changes to group membership.
Foswikitask:Item12003: Rebuilding %WIKIUSERSTOPIC% topic creates an invalid WikiUsers topic
Foswikitask:Item12006: Don't generate edit links for NobodyGroup
Foswikitask:Item11965: Correct "undefined variable" errors in mailnotify
Foswikitask:Item11746: Change email address instructions were incorrect
Foswikitask:Item11267: Convert to perl version strings.
4.3.5 (06 Apr 2012) Foswikitask:Item652, Foswikitask:Item710, Foswikitask:Item2196: Cleanup partial registrations after failure.
Foswikitask:Item10238: Allow UI to create empty groups
Foswikitask:Item11196: Add error messages translations for registraion and group UI errors
Foswikitask:Item11501: Validate all registration fields
Foswikitask:Item11349: Improve performance
4.3.4 (20 Dec 2011) Foswikitask:Item11373: Check for duplicate member of groups was incorrect
4.3.3 (05 Dec 2011) Foswikitask:Item10815: Warn if registering user as admin when auto group membership is enabled.
Foswikitask:Item11208: Throw error if group name not *Group
Foswikitask:Item10906: Force user names to the %USERSWEB% - avoid linking errors if username might be interpreted as a Web.Topic name
Other minor code cleanup and documentation updates
4.3.2 (11 Apr 2011) Foswikitask:Item10304 - AdminGroup moved from this extension to Foswiki core to avoid it gets overwritten when upgrading the contrib from configure
Foswikitask:Item10590 - ChangeEmailAddress has query error
Foswikitask:Item10536 - UserRegistration WikiName JS support for all skins
Foswikitask:Item92: Document admin behaviour of ChangeEmailAddress
Foswikitask:Item8876: Add admin help when registration disabled
Foswikitask:Item10131: TopicUserMapping loses creation date when updating existing user if the admin had changed the {DefaultDateFormat}
Foswikitask:Item9437: Dot after wikiwebmasters email becomes part of mailto
Foswikitask:Item9851, Foswikitask:Item9848, Foswikitask:Item9810:
Fixed problem with not being able to remove users when they has Main suffix
Fixed problem where users were seen as different if prefixed by Main when added.
Correct reporting when duplicate user is attempted added
Removed code no longer used
The creator of new group is not added to group if the user is admin unless he specifies it
Fixed problem with removing duplicate users
4.3.1 (10 Nov 2010) Foswikitask:Item9415 - Documentation updates.
4.3.0 (13 Mar 2010) Made UserRegistration customizable.
4.2.4 (25 Feb 2010) Updated documentation in UserForm.
4.2.3 (20 Sep 2009) Foswiki 1.0.7 version
4.2.2 (16 Dec 2008) Foswiki version
4.2.1 (03 Aug 2008) Distributed with TWiki 4.2.1
4.2.0 (22 Jan 2008) Distributed with TWiki 4.2.0
Dependencies: None
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