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HTTP -- get HTTP headers

  • Called with the name of an HTTP request header field, returns its value. Capitalization and the use of hyphens versus underscores are not significant.
  • Request headers are sent by the browser to the server. It is not possible to access the Response headers returned to the browser.
  • Only returns headers permitted by site configuration. Returns '' if the header is not allowed.
  • When called without a parameter, nothing is returned. See VarHTTPS for other options.
ALERT! The HTTP and HTTPS macros are deprecated as of Foswiki release 2.1. and will be removed in a future release.


Name Description
"name" Name of the header to get


Write Returns Notes
%HTTP%   Always returns ''
%HTTP{"Accept-language"}% en-US,en;q=0.5  
%HTTP{"User-Agent"}% CCBot/2.0 (  
%HTTP{"Cookie"}%   Not allowed by default.
ALERT! You can see the HTTP headers your browser sends to the server on a number of sites e.g.


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