JQTHEME -- switch jQuery UI theme

Foswiki's default UI theme is configured in $Foswiki::cfg{JQueryPlugin}{JQueryTheme} and defaults to foswiki. Use configure to change this site wide. Use JQTHEME if you decide to use a different theme on the current page.

Some Foswiki skins may come with their own jQuery UI matching the overall user experience of the web design.
HELP in case of an error JQTHEME will produce an inline HTML error message.


Parameter Description Default
"name" name of theme: JQueryPlugin knows the following themes base, lightness, redmod, smoothness; additional themes maybe created using the themeroller and installed to /foswiki/pub/System/JQueryPlugin/$name foswiki
warn (on/off) allows you to switch off warnings when a theme was not found on


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