TOPICLIST -- topic index of a web

List of all topics in a web. The "format" defines the format of one topic item. It may include formatting tokens: The $topic token gets expanded to the topic name, $marker to marker parameter where topic matches selection, and $web to the name of the web, or any of the standard FormatTokens.


Parameter: Description: Default:
web Name of web Current web
Format of one line, may include $web (name of web), $topic (name of the topic), $marker (which expands to marker for the item matching selection only) "$topic"
separator topic separator "$n" (new line)
marker Text for $marker if the item matches selection "selected"
selection Current value to be selected in list (none)


   Create a bullet list of all topics:
   %TOPICLIST{"   * $web.$topic"}%

   Create a comma separated list of all topics:
   %TOPICLIST{separator=", "}%

   Create an option list (for drop down menus):
   %TOPICLIST{" <option>$topic</option>"}%

   Create an option list of web topics with the current topic selected:
      " <option $marker value='$topic'>$topic</option>"
      separator=" "


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