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Tasmanian Law Handbook

The Tasmanian Law Handbook is an introduction to the law for people who would like to know more about the law. They could be coming into contact with the legal system, or be facing a neighbourhood dispute, or a disagreement with government; they might just be looking to know more about the law. This handbook is intended to be accessible to anyone who needs to know more about how the law might affect their life.

The handbook has been divided into a number of sections to address the subjects that most commonly arise as issues for people. This includes such topic areas as ‘Housing’, ‘Government’, ‘Community’, and ‘Criminal Law’.

Elements of the Criminal Justice System

Crime and Punishment

Work and workers

Rights, disability and access

Family law

Accidents and insurance

Wills, estates, funerals and guardianship

Consumers, money and debts

Government, administration and justice

Administrative law - Challenging government decisions

Income and Government Assistance

Community and environment

Housing – renting and buying

Medical treatments and medical products

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