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The WA Law Handbook

The Western Australian Law Handbook Online is an innovative, free-access platform, intended to give general information about the law.

This new website has been developed using a 'wiki-like' platform and interface. This means that the information in the Handbook can be easily updated and corrected whenever changes are made to laws and regulations. It will be a comparatively simple matter to ensure that the information in the Handbook is always kept as up-to-date as possible.

About Sussex Street Community Law Service

Sussex Street Community Law Service is a community-based association providing a range of legal and community advocacy services to the Western Australian community.
The objects of the Association are to:
  • provide accessible legal and social services to target communities, with particular regard to those who are socially disadvantaged, and to such other groups as the Association shall from time to time decide;
  • develop resources, provide information and deliver community education programs that build the capacity of the community and industry to understand the law and social systems; and
  • initiate and participate in law and social policy reform.
The services offered by the Sussex Street Community Law Service include family, civil, and disability discrimination law, financial counselling and welfare rights, tenant and disability advocacy. The core activities of the organisation across all practice areas incorporate casework, advocacy and legal representation, community legal education and training and law reform.
The work of Sussex Street Community Law Service is supported by Commonwealth and State Governments, the Law Society of Western Australia, Freehills, the Town of Victoria Park, volunteers from the legal profession and students from university schools of law and social work.

Project Partners

The project partners are: Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and Sussex Street Community Law Service.

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AustLII has built and will maintain the technical infrastructure and software platform to host the Handbook and to enable the text to be automatically integrated and marked up with the full suite of primary and secondary legal material held on AustLII.

The Sussex Street Community Law Service provided the text of the 2005 edition of the WA Law Handbook as a base text and have engaged and supported an 'editorial coordinator' who has liaised with and coordinated the wide range of suitable subject specialists from Western Australia and nationally to develop up-to-date relevant content.

Funding support

This project has received funding support from the Law Society Public Purposes Trust, as well as in-kind support from AustLII and Sussex Street Community Law Service.

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