6.3.1 General form

When citing online commentaries and looseleaf texts, use the following format:
Element Editor/author Title Looseleaf edition Publisher Pinpoint
Examples Simon France (ed) Adams on Criminal Law – Evidence (looseleaf ed, Brookers) at [CA169.02]
  Mathew Downs (ed) Cross on Evidence (online looseleaf ed, Thomson Reuters) at [1.2]
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Eg Simon France (ed) Adams on Criminal Law – Evidence (looseleaf ed, Thomson Reuters) at [ED1.01(2)].
Eg Mathew Downs (ed) Cross on Evidence (online ed, LexisNexis) at [1.2].

6.3.2 Editor or author

Give the editor named as the “general editor” or “editor in chief” of the service, if there is one. Do this in accordance with rule 6.1.2(g).

If the publication does not give the name of an editor but provides the authors’ names, give the authors’ names in accordance with rule 6.1.2.

If the name of the editor or author(s) is not clear from the publication, then omit this information.

6.3.3 Title

Give the title in italics as it appears on the title page.

6.3.4 Edition

Following the title, include the words “looseleaf ed” or “online ed”, followed by a comma.

6.3.5 Publisher

Give the name of the publisher if it is known.

6.3.6 Pinpoint reference

Where available, use paragraph numbers for the pinpoint reference.
Eg Andrew Beck and others Morison’s Company Law (NZ) (online ed, LexisNexis) at [68.1].

When giving a pinpoint reference to a footnote or endnote, give the reference to the paragraph or page in which the footnote or endnote appears followed by a comma and “n x” where “x” is the number of the footnote or endnote.
Eg DW McMorland and others Hinde McMorland & Sim Land Law in New Zealand (online ed, LexisNexis) at [7.002], n 1.

6.3.7 Service update and date of access

As a general rule, it is unnecessary to include the service update being referred to or the date that the electronic version of the text was accessed. However, if you consider that this information is necessary, it may be included. It is unnecessary to include this material in order to indicate the currency of the work; this can be done by an introductory footnote stating when an article or essay was written.
Eg Andrew Beck and others McGechan on Procedure (looseleaf ed, Brookers, updated to 10 July 2009) at [HRPt14.15(1)].
Eg John Burrows (ed) Land Law (online ed, Thomson Reuters, accessed 31 May 2018) at [PL2.02].

Where no service update or access date information is provided in the citation, the citation is presumed to be referring to the source as at the date of the publication of your piece.

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