Cite papers and reports in the style of texts. This rule may also be used for non-governmental papers and reports, for example company annual reports.
Element Author Title Publisher Official citation Date Pinpoint citation
Example Roger Procter Enhancing Productivity: Towards an Updated Action Agenda (Ministry of Economic Development, Occasional Paper 11/01, March 2011) at 10
Rule 5.4(a) 5.4(b) 5.4(c) 5.4(d) 5.4(e)  
Eg Roger Procter Enhancing Productivity: Towards an Updated Action Agenda (Ministry of Economic Development, Occasional Paper 11/01, March 2011) at 10.

(a) Author

Give the author of the report in accordance with rule 6.1.2.

Eg Peter Salmon, Margaret Bazley and David Shand Royal Commission on Auckland Governance (March 2009).

It is unnecessary to state the name of the author if the author’s name is part of the title of the report.

Eg Report of David McGee, Ombudsman on Complaints Arising out of Bullying at Hutt Valley High School in December 2007 (2011).

(b) Title

Give the title in italics with spelling and capitalisation as it appears at the start of the report (unless the original is in all capitals, in which case capitalise only the first letter of significant words). A subtitle may be preceded by a colon if it is not preceded by any punctuation mark in the report. If the title contains a colon, a subtitle may be preceded by an en dash (–). The keyboard shortcut for an en dash on Windows computers is “Ctrl + -” (where “-” is the minus symbol) and on Apple computers “Option + -” (where “-” is the hyphen symbol).

(c) Publisher

Give the publisher of the report. Give the publisher, official citation and date of the report together separated by commas in round brackets.

Eg PricewaterhouseCoopers Commerce Commission Baseline Review (Ministry of Economic Development, 11 November 2008).

It is unnecessary to state the name of publisher of the report if the publisher is the same as the author of the report.

Eg Ministry of Education Briefing to the Incoming Minister (November 2008).

(d) Official citation

If the report or paper has an official citation, give this after the publisher. Give the official citation format used by the author of the report.

Eg State Services Commission Report on the Regional Conference on “Emerging Issues in Senior Management Development in the Public Sector” (Occasional Paper No 26, July 2002).

(e) Date

Give the date of the report with as much specificity as possible.

(f) Examples

Cite papers and reports in accordance with this rule. In particular, use this rule for citing the following types of reports and papers.

Advice provided to the Attorney-General on the consistency of Bills with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

Eg Ministry of Justice Legal Advice – Consistency with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990: Crown Entities Reform Bill (16 September 2011).

Eg Crown Law Office Electoral Finance Bill: Consistency with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (26 June 2007).

Departmental disclosure statements

Eg Ministry of Social Development Departmental Disclosure Statement: Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill (28 July 2017).

Government Bill exposure drafts*
*Eg Ministry of Justice Draft for Consultation: Trusts Bill (2017).

Government consultation papers*
*Eg Ministry of Justice Reviewing the Family Court: A public consultation paper (20 September 2011).

Government reports*
*Eg Ministry of Health Proposed Amendments to Regulations under the Medicines Act 1981: Report of the Analysis of Submissions and Final Decisions (November 2010).

Independent Police Conduct Authority*
*Eg LP Goddard Release of a Police file regarding Tony Veitch (Independent Police Conduct Authority, February 2011).

*Eg David McGee Ombudsman’s Finding on Complaint by Television New Zealand Ltd (TVNZ) Against Police under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) (February 2010).
Eg Beverley A Wakem Ombudsman Act Investigation: Complaint by the Hubbard Support Team and others Concerning a Recommendation for Statutory Management made by the Securities Commission to the Minister of Commerce on 19 June 2010 (April 2011).

Reports of the Attorney-General under s 7 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990*
*Eg Christopher Finlayson Report of the Attorney-General under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 on the Alcohol Reform Bill (8 November 2010).

Regulatory Impact Statements*
*Eg Inland Revenue Regulatory Impact Statement: Liquidators and receivers changing GST accounting basis (20 July 2011).
Eg Department of Internal Affairs Regulatory Impact Statement: Citizenship Amendment Bill (October 2010).

United Kingdom Command Papers*
*Eg Home Office Report of the Royal Commission on Capital Punishment 1949–1953 (Cmd 8932, 1953).
Eg Department for Exiting the European Union The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union (Cm 9417, February 2017).

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