internal package Foswiki::Store::Rcs::RcsWrapHandler

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internal package Foswiki::Store::Rcs::RcsWrapHandler is a Foswiki::Store::Rcs::Handler

This class implements the pure methods of the Foswiki::Store::Rcs::Handler superclass. See the superclass for detailed documentation of the methods.

Wrapper around the RCS commands required by Foswiki. An object of this class is created for each file stored under RCS.

For readers who are familiar with Foswiki version 1.0, this class is analagous to the old Foswiki::Store::RcsWrap.

ObjectMethod finish()

Break circular references.

StaticMethod parseRevisionDiff( $text ) → \@diffArray

Description: parse the text into an array of diff cells
#Description: unlike Algorithm::Diff I concatinate lines of the same diffType that are sqential (this might be something that should be left up to the renderer)
Parameter: $text currently unified or rcsdiff format
Return: \@diffArray reference to an array of [ diffType, $right, $left ]
TODO: move into Rcs::Handler and add indirection in Store

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