internal package Foswiki::Store::TagsStore

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internal package Foswiki::Store::TagsStore

adds a few extra layers to RcsWrap to implement the multi-user hosting options on

if you dont' have an active invite to a web, you can't see it - not access denied - does not exist..

and quota support.

ObjectMethod finish()

Break circular references.

ObjectMethod getWebNames() → @webs

Gets a list of names of subwebs in the current web, by consulting the UserWebMap.

ObjectMethod getTopicNames() → @topics

Get list of all topics in a web
  • $web - Web name, required, e.g. 'Sandbox'
Return a topic list, e.g. ( 'WebChanges',  'WebHome', 'WebIndex', 'WebNotify' )

  1. if ?tagfilter is not set then return all topics taged with the webname.
  2. if there is a ?tagfilter= then return topics taged with that.

ObjectMethod storedDataExists() → $boolean

Establishes if there is stored data associated with this handler.

ObjectMethod searchInWebContent($searchString, $web, \@topics, \%options ) → \%map

Search for a string in the content of a web. The search must be over all content and all formatted meta-data, though the latter search type is deprecated (use searchMetaData instead).

  • $searchString - the search string, in egrep format if regex
  • $web - The web to search in
  • \@topics - reference to a list of topics to search
  • \%options - reference to an options hash
The \%options hash may contain the following options:
  • type - if regex will perform a egrep-syntax RE search (default '')
  • casesensitive - false to ignore case (defaulkt true)
  • files_without_match - true to return files only (default false)

The return value is a reference to a hash which maps each matching topic name to a list of the lines in that topic that matched the search, as would be returned by 'grep'. If files_without_match is specified, it will return on the first match in each topic (i.e. it will return only one match per topic, and will not return matching lines).

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