internal package Foswiki::UI::Upload

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internal package Foswiki::UI::Upload

UI delegate for attachment management functions

StaticMethod upload( $session )

upload command handler. This method is designed to be invoked via the UI::run method. CGI parameters, passed in $query:

Does the work of uploading an attachment to a topic.

  • hidefile - if defined, will not show file in attachment table
  • filepath -
  • filename -
  • filecomment - comment to associate with file in attachment table
  • createlink - if defined, will create a link to file at end of topic
  • changeproperties -
  • redirectto - URL to redirect to after upload. {AllowRedirectUrl} must be enabled in configure. The parameter value can be a TopicName, a Web.TopicName, or a URL. Redirect to a URL only works if it is enabled in configure, and is ignored if noredirect is specified.
  • noredirect - Normally it will redirect to 'view' when the upload is complete, but also designed to be useable for REST-style calling using the 'noredirect' parameter. If this parameter is set it will return an appropriate HTTP status code and print a message to STDOUT, starting with 'OK' on success and 'ERROR' on failure.

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