internal package Foswiki::UI::View

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internal package Foswiki::UI::View

UI delegate for view function

StaticMethod view( $session )

view command handler. This method is designed to be invoked via the UI::run method.

Generate a complete HTML page that represents the viewed topics. The view is controlled by CGI parameters as follows:

rev topic revision to view
section restrict view to a named section
raw no format body text if set
skin comma-separated list of skin(s) to use
contenttype Allows you to specify an alternate content type
release_lock Set to non-blank to release any edit locks held by the current user.

StaticMethod revisionsAround($session, $topicObject, $requestedRev, $showRev, $maxRev) → $output

Calculate the revisions spanning the current one for display in the bottom bar.

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