Release from prison

Contributed by AndrewRobson and current to 27 July 2018

When prisoners are released, their personal belongings are returned to them together with any money earned, and not yet spent, while in prison. They are also permitted to take with them possessions acquired while in prison. The Department will usually provide a prisoner on release after their sentence with the means of returning home by arranging a bus or train ticket if the journey home is a considerable distance from where a prisoner is released (s33 Prisons Act 1981 (WA)) This provision only applies to areas within WA.

Transitional managers are located at each of the State's prisons to coordinate services that will help prisoners re-enter the community and can advise what assistance may be available to assist a prisoner returning to the community.

A transitional manager can advise about the availability of programs to improve life skills, seek housing and link up with job network providers, and obtain transport (for prisoners from remote locations who are going to have difficulty returning to their homes).

A transitional manager can also advise about community agencies such as Outcare which may be available to assist in the transition back into the community including agencies which provide drug counselling, mental health support, family relationship counselling and support with education, training and employment.

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