When someone has died - Estates and Administration

Contributed by NovaOldfield and current to 27 July 2018

If there is a will

Getting a copy of the will

Problems with the will

Letters, videos and anything intended to be a Will

No executor

The will is marked or damaged

Wills in a language other than English

Wills made outside of Western Australia

What is probate?

Applying for a Grant of Probate

If there is no will

What are Letters of Administration?

Applying for Letters of Administration

Executors, Administrators and Trustees



Payment to Executors, Administrators and Trustees


Administration of Estate

Reading the will to the family

Superannuation, life insurance and funeral funds

Assets located outside of Western Australia

Debts of the deceased

Family law maintenance orders



Bankruptcy and insolvent estates

Inheritance and giving to the beneficiaries

Claims against an estate


Challenges to the will

Inheritance claims

Small estates

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